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The White House press corps' strange Hawaii vacation
As President Barack Obama and the first family crisscross the Hawaiian island of Oahu for their annual holiday vacation, the White House reporters tasked with following Obama and his entourage, known as the pool, are documenting his every move.
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Add adrenaline to a beach vacation and save the Belize Barrier Reef by hunting
We first considered several far-flung locations, but decided that all of them were too distant for a week-long vacation from Washington: the Maldives, the Galapagos, the Cook Islands, South Africa. Nikki wanted to try a live-aboard boat, something that …
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Plan Your Vacation Destinations from Least Culture Shock to Most
Visiting multiple countries—or even regions—gives you a chance to experience different cultures in one vacation. But if you haven't traveled much, it can also mean culture shock. Ease into the journey by visiting destinations culturally similar to …
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